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royal hartigan is a most vocal proponent of world music traditions…..uniquely expansive view of jazz and improvisation……

- john pietaro, we are one film review in the june 2019 new york city jazz record

royal hartigan, one of the most unique artistic, influential drummers and scholars of our time, is a percussionist, pianist, tap dancer, educator, and author. for more than three decades, he has worked with master artists and musicians, dancers, visual artists, poets, social activists, and others to bring people together in celebration of our common humanity across cultures and national boundaries, through the medium of creative music in the african american tradition. 

1 playing donno in beijing, china 2008

…..time always moves on and we change. What has not changed – if anything it's stronger – is Blood Drum Spirit and royal hartigan's dedication to, love for, and continual exploration of world music and how it is so much a part of jazz.

- richard kamins review of time changes CD in step tempest 13 July 2019


royal hartigan has committed himself to living the music of the peoples of africa and african america. he lives with our brothers and sisters in villages in our homeland, eats our food, dances and drums with heart. whatever he does in his playing and sharing….is from his whole being and is the real thing.

- kofi ghanaba (‘son of ghana’)2007

the looseness, weight, and constant searching of his playing echo the voices ....of max roach, ed blackwell, elvin jones, and tony williams.

- murray gusseck, co-owner, tapspace publishing, world-renown musician2006

dreamfireswaking from blood drum spirit live in china double cd

royal hartigan ranks among the absolute greatest of contemporary percussionists. thoroughly familiar with nearly the entire scope of world drumming and percussion musics….a sophisticated jazz-world vibe…..[with] uncanny depth and spirituality.

- jan p. dennis review of blood drum spirit cd on january 29, 2004

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